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(a) Med Large
Idyllwild - Hwy 243/N Circle 11:08 AM July 26, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

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(b) Med Large
Fern Valley - N Circle 12:35 PM July 26, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

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(c) Med Large
Idyllwild - Hwy 243/N Circle 11:07 AM July 26, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

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(d) Med Large
Idyllwild - N Circle 3:25 PM July 25, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

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(e) Med Large
Idyllwild - N Circle 3:39 PM July 25, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

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In reviewing the CHP logs for the initial report of fire, we can form some picture of the Cranston Fire origins. At 11:40 AM on Wednesday 7/25/18, CHP issued a "Report of Fire" notice to the media. The location was reported near where Sr74 East and the Old Control Rd intersect (closest landmark is 1.83 Miles East of Bee Canyon Truck Trail near mile marker 51). This places the start of the fire at 5.31 miles WSW of Idyllwild, as the crow flies, and 12.53 miles by road along Highway 243 and State Highway 74 (drive time estimated at 21 minutes from Idyllwild). In review of the Cal Fire site, coordinates are essentialy the same. For the mathematically curious, I used 33.725905 for latitude and -116.80601 for longitude.

From the latitude and longitude provided from the CHP report and employing Google APIs, we can map the approximate location of the start of the fire. Using street views feature, we get the following:

NOTE: The above information is an estimate only, based on reported information. Accuracy is not assumed in any sense.

spacer image
----- 10/15/2018 -----

(149) 10/15/18 - 4:05 PM - Power is out. Currently sunny with a temperature of 60F. Winds are lesser now at about 5 to 10 MPH. Pressure is still at 29.88 InHg.

(148) 10/15/18 - 3:05 PM - Power is still out in town. Current temperature is 56 degrees F. Winds varies from 2 to 10 MPH. Pressure is constant at 29.88 InHg. Most stores are closed but Village Market is open as well as the Red Kettle. Gas Stations appear to be open to. Bank is closed and so is the ATM. Forest Station is closed.

(147) 10/15/18 - 2:14 PM - Power is still out in town. Current temperature is 56 degrees F. Winds over 10 MPH primarily in the East direction. Pressure 29.88 InHg.

(146) 10/15/18 - 1:09 PM - No Power in Town. Very windy. Power company says till 7:30 tonight minimum. Skies are very clear but chilly conditions. Updates every hour here. Apparently there has been some damage to the power lines locally.

(145) 10/13/18 - 1:37 PM - Clear Skies and Sunny. A Bit cool.

(144) 10/13/18 - 1:30 PM - Cold and drizzly.

(143) 10/12/18 - 3:25 PM - Sunny with noticeable winds. Skies clear.

(142) 10/11/18 - 11:06 AM - Sunny, clear with mild temperatures .

(141) 10/9/18 - 12:55 PM - Sunny, very clear and somewhat cool.

(140) 10/8/18 - 11:10 AM - Sunny and clear.

(139) 10/7/18 - 1:00 PM - Cold and overcast.

(138) 10/6/18 - 3:39 PM - Clear and sunny but a little on the cool side.

(137) 10/5/18 - 3:49 PM - Kinda cooler today with mostly clear skies.

(136) 10/4/18 - 3:29 PM - Cold and Cloudy.

(135) 10/3/18 - 10:30 AM - Sunny with some clouds. Small breeze.

(134) 10/2/18 - 11:03 AM - Cloudy.

(133) 10/1/18 - 8:43 AM - Sunny, clear skies and little if any winds.

(132) 9/30/18 - 12:15 PM - Sunny with clouds. A bit cooler today.

(131) 9/29/18 - 11:50 AM - Sunny, warm and breezy with scatter clouds.

(130) 9/28/18 - 10:34 AM - Sunny day. Skies are clear. Slight wind.

(129) 9/27/18 - 11:17 AM - Yet another warm and sunny day.

(128) 9/26/18 - 3:29 PM - Very sunny with mild winds.

(127) 9/25/18 - 11:36 AM - Sunny and generally warm again. Plenty of winds (5 to 20+ MPH) in the West direction. Very dry conditions. Skies are clear.

(126) 9/24/18 - 11:55 AM - Sunny, breezy with winds toward West .

(125) 9/23/18 - 9:16 AM - No clouds, sunny and slight North moving wind.

(124) 9/22/18 - 1:19 PM - Another nice sunny day.

(123) 9/21/18 - 10:27 AM - Sunny and breezy. No Clouds.

(122) 9/20/18 - 11:14 AM - Cooler today but still sunny with some winds.

(121) 9/19/18 - 6:56 PM - Very pleasant day...sunny but not too hot.

(120) 9/18/18 - 1:19 PM - Sunny and clear. Some wind.

(119) 9/17/18 - 10:09 AM - Clear, Sunny with mild wilds in the Northwest direction.

(118) 9/16/18 - 1:34 PM - Warm with slightly streaky clouds towards the summit.

(117) 9/15/18 - 4:44 PM - Slightly cooler but sunny and clear all day.

(116) 9/14/18 - 11:36 AM - Clear again with slight winds.

(115) 9/13/18 - 9:36 AM - Sunny. Clear. Small breeze.

(114) 9/12/18 - 8:36 AM - Sunny and clear with slight winds toward the North.

(113) 9/10/18 - 11:25 AM - Sunny, very clear and slight winds to the North.

(112) 9/9/18 - 4:25 PM - Sunny, clear and breezy.

(111) 9/8/18 - 8:45 AM - More Sunny.

(110) 9/7/18 - 1:45 PM - Sunny.

(109) 9/6/18 - 10:45 AM - Very clear and sunny day with slight winds blowing towards the South.

(108) 9/5/18 - 10:30 AM - Breezy today.

(107) 9/4/18 10:41 AM - Very windy today with wind direction varying a lot. Skies are clear. Its really quiet in town.... not much appears to be going on.

(106) 9/3/18 9:31 AM - Perfectly clear and a bit cooler than previous few days. Slight South winds. Parking lot sale is over.

(105) 9/1/18 10:03 AM - Another beautiful day in Idyllwild. There is a Labor Day Weekend yard sale out in our parking lot.

(104) 8/23/18 9:48 AM - Very clear and sunny skies with mild South winds.

(103) 8/20/18 8:44 AM - Essentially clear and sunny skies with little wind. Some humidity.

(102) 8/19/18 1:19 PM - Little to no winds (Northerly) with partly cloudy skies over the ridge. Otherwise, very sunny.

(101) 8/18/18 12:47 PM - Nice Day! Breezy (up to 6 MPH) with basically clear skies. Wind blowin' in toward the South.

(100) 8/17/18 4:23 PM - Rain has stopped. Hope nobody has brontophobia up here.

(99) 8/17/18 2:14 PM - Total downpour and thunder currently. Be extremely carefull if you are out and about. Mudslides and floods are quite possible.

(98) 8/17/18 11:57 AM - Basically clear skies with mild winds up to 5 MPH in the West Direction. Temperatures are very suitable.

(97) 8/16/18 1:07 PM - Small amount of rain hitting Idyllwild this afternoon.

(96) 8/16/18 9:57 AM - Sunny with prolific clouds punctuating the very blue skies. Slight wind and temperatures pleasant. Mountain roads are open to Idyllwild.

(95) 8/15/18 5:37 PM - All roads accessible into Idyllwild (1 way restriction at times on SR74). An ever so slight sprinkle today but otherwise sunny. Notice, any upcoming rain could present a dangerous condition with many areas that were burned being prone to flooding and mudslides.

(94) 8/7/18 6:37 AM - Sunny with clear skies and no wind.

(93) 8/5/18 6:37 AM - Clear skies and mild winds.

(92) 8/4/18 4:16 PM - Hwy 74 open to Hemet now.

(91) 8/4/18 10:22 AM - Day is like yesterday... clear skies, warm and little to no wind. Fire is at around 96% containment and not a threat at this time.

(90) 8/3/18 8:30 PM - Med Large
Downtown Park 12:33 PM August 3, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

fire image

(89) 8/3/18 8:46 AM - Cloudless skies with winds approaching 2 MPH in the northward direction. Currently the temperature is quite pleasant.

(88) 8/2/18 7:17 AM - Fire is now over 90 percent contained and access is granted for all residents and persons employed in the area. For the complete breakdown, check InciWeb. Weather is pleasant with no wind. Skies clear over the West but cloudy over the ridge (East).

(87) 8/1/18 10:01 AM - Very clear skies, mild temperature and very slight wind in the North direction.

(86) 7/31/18 6:41 PM - Mudslide on Highway 74 Now Clear.

(86) 7/31/18 5:52 PM - Mudslide on Highway 74 near Ribbonwood.

(85) 7/31/18 3:02 PM - Currently raining.

(84) 7/31/18 6:19 AM - More people in town with many stores and restaurants still closed. Highway 243 is closed from the intersection of Hwy 243 and Hwy 74 to about 3.2 Miles North on Hwy 243 (towards Idyllwild). Hwy 74 is closed 3.8 miles West of the junction of Hwy 371 and Hwy 74 to to 5.9 miles East of the junction with Hwy 79 (at Willowbrook Road). Currently warm and breezy outside with the wind primarily heading West to Northwest. Many of Mr. Gif's friends were seen out and about yesterday in various locations around town.

(83) 7/30/18 3:39 PM - Still lots of emergency services roaming the street and in the skies. Weather consistently hot with west winds up to 5 MPH.

(82) 7/30/18 12:50 PM - Some cars on the streets now. Many stores and restaurants still closed. Helipcopters flying overhead frequently. Easy driving access from Banning side this morning for some.

(81) 7/30/18 11:08 AM - Cellphone and Internet provider related services appear to be up now. Temperature conditions are pleasant. Windspeed 0-3 MPH in the East direction mostly. Electricity has been steady since it was turned on on 7/27.

(80) 7/30/18 9:09 AM - Cellphone related services are down for some providers. Internet is down for some providers as well.

(79) 7/29/18 8:30 PM - Med Large
Downtown 7:46 PM July 29, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

fire image

(78) 7/29/18 5:30 PM - Many helicopters flying over still. North Circle starting to look liek North Circle. Wind speed 2-6 MPH blowing West. Air quality not all that great. Reports of lightning hits on the ridge today.

(77) 7/29/18 2:41 PM - Yet another reminder, Hwy 74 only open from Palm Desert to Highway 371 (Paradise Cafe - Referring to that part of Hwy 74 that is on the Mountain).

(76) 7/29/18 12:27 PM - A reminder that thunderstorms are predicted for this Tuesday.

(75) 7/29/18 10:08 AM - Banning side open to Residents. Have ID and proof of residency. Traffic issues Interstate 10 East Fwy / 8th St (SR243) . Take it easy coming home (via Banning side). Already many cars on North Circle.

(74) 7/29/18 9:37 AM - Some people are getting robo calls/texts that they can return back to the mountain.

(73) 7/29/18 8:36 AM - In reviewing the posted current Cranston Fire Details Map it appears that quite a bit of progress has been made. The number of hotspots seems way down from yesterday's maps. Still some battles along and behind (Garner Valley side) South Ridge.

(72) 7/29/18 8:12 AM - The town's streets still very deserted. Not seeing or hearing any aircraft overhead. A bit hazy and humid.

(71) 7/29/18 6:22 AM - In listening to the various scanner broadcasts during the fire, it is worth mentioning how damaging it is when slow vehicles, albeit related to the fight to save our mountain, impede other emergency units from getting destinated sooner.

(70) 7/29/18 6:10 AM - Per InciWeb, The evacuation order is lifted for Garner Valley, south of Morris Ranch Rd. Proof of residency required. Road access is available from Highway 74 at Highway 371. All other evacuation orders remain in effect. Use caution returning home. Garner Valley residents returning home from the Cranston Fire, losing power means your perishable food is not safe. Don't risk your family's health, throw it out!

(59) 7/29/18 5:41 AM - Taking a quick look outside, its relatively clear out towards the peaks. Temperatures are cool with some humidity. Winds are slow. Town is quiet. The characteristic blue Idyllwild skies appears to be returning.

(58) 7/28/18 7:10 PM - Helicopters and other aircraft are returning to their respective bases for the day (per Riverside Fire broadcast).

(57) 7/28/18 6:30 PM - Cal Fire is reporting an estimated containment date as Thursday August 09th, 2018 at approxmately 12:00 AM LINK

(56) 7/28/18 5:26 PM - A tour of CHP, Riverside Fire and Caltrans blotters show no indication of the current Hwy 243 n SR 74 closures being lifted (as of 5:26 PM). My guess is that its not going to happen today as its getting late. Looks like it will likely be tomorrow or Monday, if that early.

(55) 7/28/18 5:12 PM Med Large
F Valley - Tahquitz 4:29 PM July 28, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

fire image

(54) 7/28/18 5:00 PM - Very clear skies over the ridge areas. Still very hot but the smoke levels have definitely subsided. Idyology in FV might be open around 5 PM in the bar area only. Half price all night if they pull it off (from a FB post). Gif and Moto have been sleeping most of day. Power is on still.

(53) 7/28/18 2:22 PM - Conditions holding steady. Helicopters still ever present. Road blocks still in effect per Caltrans website @ 2:22 PM today. Law enforcement personnel are seemingly everywhere. For a purely theoretical guess at the location of the fire's origin, click HERE.

(52) 7/28/18 Noon - Still Smoky outside with hot temperatures. Slight wind and fair visibilty at best. Helicopters with water drop buckets flying over every couple of minutes. Roads into Idyllwild still closed per Caltrans website @ 12:02 PM today.

(51) 7/28/18 10:10 AM - Advisory: South Coast Air Quality Management District. In any area impacted by smoke: If you smell smoke or see ash due to a wildfire, limit your exposure by remaining indoors with windows and doors closed or seeking alternate shelter, and avoiding vigorous physical activity. For more tips on protecting yourself during a wildfire, Wildfire Smoke & Ash Health & Safety Tips Page. SCAQMD Advisory updates can be found at the following Link.

(50) 7/28/18 9:38 AM - Med Large
Idyllwild - N Circle 9:21 AM July 28, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

Cranston Fire

(49) 7/28/18 9:32 AM - Smoky outside. Slight wind and scattered clouds. Some helicopters with water drop buckets flying over regularly.

(48) 7/28/18 9:26 AM - Road conditions Caltrans


(46) 7/28/18 7:50 AM - According to a sheriff I talked to this morning, there is a good chance residents will be allowed up today.

(45) 7/28/18 7:40 AM - Town is still looking like a ghost town. Wind is calm, skies are overcast. Temperature is on the cool side.

(44) 7/27/18 8:25 PM - Med Large
Idyllwild - N Circle 8:15 PM July 27, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

Cranston Fire

(43) 7/27/18 8:04 PM - Med Large
Idyllwild - N Circle 10:24 AM July 27, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

Cranston Fire

(42) 7/27/18 7:52 PM - Mr. Gif is worn out and sleeping well. Mr. Moto as well. Electricity still going strong in town center. Winds are mild. Temperature is not so bad. A bit humid.

(41) 7/27/18 7:32 PM Med Large
Idyllwild - N Circle 7:19 PM July 27, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

Cranston Fire

(40) 7/27/18 7:22 PM - Current Local Coverage INFO

(39) 7/27/18 7:02 PM - Current Fire INFO

(38) 7/27/18 6:52 PM Med Large
Fern Valley - S Circle (Near Idyllwild Pines) 9:46 AM July 27, 2018
Permission granted to share below photo.

Cranston Fire

(37) 7/27/18 6:34 PM - Idyllwild still ultra quiet. Caltrans still have the roads leading into Idyllwild closed. Still some helicopters with drop buckets flying overhead.

(36) 7/27/18 5:15 PM - Idyllwild still seems like another town. Power is still going strong in downtown Idyllwild. Temperatures are tough. Visibility good.

(35) 7/27/18 5:05 PM Med Large
Idyllwild - North Circle circa 4:50 PM July 27, 2018
Permission granted to share photo below.

Idyllwild Fire

(34) 7/27/18 4:38 PP - N Circle is still quiet... as is the town again.

(33) 7/27/18 3:50 PM - Mr. Gif is estatic now that there is some juice! Mr. Moto is still sleeping.

(32) 7/27/18 3:30 PM - power is on!

(31) 7/27/18 3:15 PM - Power on briefly in town! Its currently off but hopefully it will kick back on soon!

(30) 7/27/18 2:55 PM - No power yet in town. Did catch some Edison lineman on s circle checking out things. Still a constant roar of technology in the space above our mountain. Its so bright out you really need to know what you are doing to photograph any of the dramatic events taking place. Village Market appears to be open.

(29) 7/27/18 1:45 PM - Scorching hot and an eerily large number support craft in the air. No power yet. Skies are murky with the ever present smoke.

(28) 7/27/18 1:29 PM - Its very Hot now and helicopters are everywhere. Power is still off in the areas bounded by S Circle, N Circle n hwy 243.

(27) 7/27/18 11:55 AM - Talked to Edison field rep and they just got ok to turn up the power. They will test around noon and fire up town center first. If all goes well .. early afteroon for some parts of Idyllwild. Aircraft are much less right now and smoke levels gave diminished. So things are getting back to somewhat normal levels.

(26) 7/27/18 11:30 AM - Tremendous amount of air activity now. Power still out here on n circle. Smoke pervades at the moment.

(25) 7/27/18 10:51 AM - There is quite a bit of activity in the air right now and the silence is definitely completely gone. Traffic on N. Circle is back to yesterdays levels. Traffic is moving fast. More jets flying over now .. judging from the sounds Im hearing.

(24) 7/27/18 10:35 AM - There is a big cloud of smoke as you look towards the south ridge area somewhere over around Garner Valley . Many more helicopters with drop buckets passing over the Idyllwild area. I think I just heard a DC 10 fly over. Still little traffic on N Circle.

(24) 7/27/18 10:00 AM - Helicopters are back. Electricity is still out. Pleasant weather condition currently.

(23) 7/27/18 9:37 AM - Some Advise: Keep some extra instant coffee and oatmeal around.

(22) 7/27/18 9:00 AM - Driving around town yesterday it was nice to see some local establishments helping the emergency personnel by handing out sandwiches at Fratellos,Village market providing drink n chips and stuff and I think Bake n Brew was doing something similar.

(21) 7/27/18 8:45 AM - BTW Moto and Gif are doing fine.

(20) 7/27/18 8:30 AM - Looking over towards Taquitz Pk there still is a ring of smoke but much less than the volumes exhibited the past few days. Also unlike yesterday its very very quiet and completely void of the sounds of emergency we had all day yesterday.

(19) 7/27/18 8:00 AM - Village Market on 243 was open for locals and emergency groups yesterday. Not sure of the hours if any today.

(18) 7/27/18 7:40 AM - The town is as quiet as I've ever seen it no cars no people just desolation.

(17) 7/27/18 7:25 AM - Power still out in town. Skies look real promising mostly clear. Wind conditions are quite mild temperature is a little on the chilly side.

(16) 7/26/18 6:05 PM - The effects on wildlife is apparent now as many rabbits and squirrels can be seen in the open areas. Maybe its the constant hum of the copters and emergency units or the fragile air quality ... but they are certainly out in out in numbers.

(15) 7/26/18 5:50 PM - Lots of helicopters over Idyllwild. Temperatures are high now and I think they are looking for hot spots. We are in a holding pattern to see if the fire(s) will jump the ridge and head towards Idyllwild.

(14) 7/26/18 3:06 PM - A couple of lime/yellow Urban Search units passed us headed up Fern Valley way.

(13) 7/26/18 2:49 PM - You can get more info on your Iphone Device by going to Radio Delux

(12) 7/26/18 2:45 PM - You can get more info on your Android Device by going to Fire Scanner Feed

(11) 7/26/18 2:33 PM - You can get more info on your computer by going to Scanner Feed

(10) 7/26/18 2:23 PM - Its very dark outside. Smoke covering half the skies. Winds seem to have picked up and the reddish clouds are moving towards the Hemet area relative to Palm Springs... at least from our view here on N. Circle.

(9) 7/26/18 2:15 PM - Sheriff going door to door in Idyllwild to ask people to evacuate.

(8) 7/26/18 1:49 PM - Edison trucks just raced by.

(7) 7/26/18 1:40 PM - If you are off the hill, you may want to check out the Scanner Radio Ap available on Iphone and Droids. You will want to program "Cranston Fire."

(6) 7/26/18 1:39 PM - Something must be going on up in Fern Valley area as fire trucks are really ripping by us.

(5) 7/26/18 1:14 PM - Getting very red outside ... the intensity and frequency of sirens has mushroomed. A wall of pure smoke hangs over the Palm Springs area when looking up up from N. Circle.

(4) 7/26/18 12:35 PM - Looking up from North Circle, the sky is complete brown over the Fern Valley Direction. Wind conditions in town center are mild. Temperature not so bad... but sunny nonetheless. Word in town is that power might be restored tomorrow, Friday.

(3) 7/26/18 12:31 PM - Many speeders up and down N. Circle today... a four by four just past us at about 70 MPH and normally it would be described as a white color truck...today totally orange.

(2) 7/26/18 11:51 AM - Posting some more photos shortly. There are alerts (as of 12:20PM 7/26/18) coming in to evacuate North of McCall Park Road and South of Pinyon area. In town, the pace of fire units on North Circle has picked up in the last half hour.

fire image
(I) 7/25/18 1:06 PM Med Large

Monday, Oct 15 2018
Sun rises 6:52 am, sets 6:13 pm
Civil Day 6:27 am - 6:38 pm
Moon rises 1:04 pm, sets 11:24 pm


Idyllwild is a wonderful place to 'gaze' at the stars, planets, and moon. Below are the rise & set times (24 hour format) of all the planets in our solar system (including Pluto). The celestial bodies are arranged in chronological rise time order and can be experienced in the Idyllwild area by looking in the lower southeast sky (towards Garner Valley).

If the name of the planet is in purple, then it is currently visible under suitable conditions. To view the setting planet, look in the lower southwest sky, towards Hemet.

08:15 / 18:53

08:17 / 18:25

09:25 / 19:50

12:23 / 22:21

13:26 / 23:28

15:03 / 01:18

16:23 / 03:52

18:30 / 07:34

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